Mack Hoover has retired and Hoover Whistles are no longer in production, but the classic Hoover sound lives on. In 2022 a new whistlemaker was trained by Mack in the Hoover style. The new instruments, MackBeth Whistles, will embody the classic Hoover sweet, pure tone while developing new styles such as telescoping whistles and other portable designs.

Please visit the new MackBeth Whistles site for more information!

Five Quiet Hoover Whistles

From top to bottom: narrow bore D, tunable C, tunable low G, tunable Bb, traditional D

The new MackBeth Whistles

Mack Hoover has designed and made unique handmade whistles since the early 2000's. His "signature sound" is quiet, but he does make louder whistles, too. That typical Hoover sound is pure and "sweet".

In 2022 Mack trained Elizabeth in whistlesmithing and a new whistle style was created: the MackBeth. MackBeth whistles combine the Hoover sweetness with new experimentation in construction. Hoover created some telescoping whistles in the late 2010s with great success. MackBeth Whistles will continue on where Hoover is leaving off, exploring both ultra-portable and traditional styles.

If you are looking for a whistle that you can play alone or with your friends without disturbing the neighbors, you've come to the right place.

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Last updated November 2023